Three One on One live sessions with GoldenHawk, and a FREE Astrological Star Gate Report*

Discover the secret of your Vertex and how you can unlock its Powers in your life; this allows you to pinpoint where these issues are Karmic patterns & clear the energy to bring clarity and a new perspective in your life. You will learn to work with your Transformational Planets; this help you structure the life you truly desire. The transformational energies are always available to you, once you know where the focus points are. What do you really understand about how you "tick" and why? Where do these continued Karmic loops or replays come from in your life? Why do you keep getting into contracts (marital, job, children, and/or friends) with people who "push your buttons" or just break their part of the contract & expect you to keep your end? Is it effecting your health or peace? How do you get out of the Loop & align to what you believe you desire? During the sessions GoldenHawk will access your personal Akashic Records; be prepared for Healing Alchemization; prepare yourself for release.

*Report includes, Natal to Progressed Chart with Wheel, Grid and Interpretations. GH: no mention of Life Cycles?




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